For Home Services, Google Is Getting Crowded

You Have To Wade Through Lots Of Search Results

We’ve Done It For You

An App With Just One Business Per Service

And That Business Can Be Trusted

Hello from Kiwisites – the small business website & online marketing company based in Bulls

  • we love building websites and apps and marketing those in Facebook
  • we’re selecting trusted businesses and inviting them to be part of a Facebook marketing co-operative
  • we charge them a small monthly fee and they get the exclusive listing for their service category
  • we put those fees into a pot to market the trusted app only in their territory via Facebook
  • this pot is normally around $2500 Facebook spend for the month which really spreads the word
  • local people get an app which means they don’t have to research businesses to select a reliable one
  • if for whatever reason a business doesn’t perform we want to know about it and they can report a business
  • if this happens we’ll contact the business and try to reach a resolution

What Does The Web App Look Like?

  • it’s simple to use and changes itself so it works well on all devices
  • the listings are clean and concise, and are very ‘scrollable’